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Fall flowers are plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season. They grow from seed, flower, produce seed, and then die, all in one year. These flowers are loved by gardeners for their vibrant and long-lasting blooms, which come in a wide range of colors and forms.

Fall Flowers are easy to grow and typically have vibrant colors. They grow in flower beds, along borders, and in containers.

Pansies – 4″ pots $1.49

Pansies in Fort Worth Texas at Premier Nursery

Pansies are best planted in the fall and grow very well in cooler fall temperatures, and even in light winter temperatures. Pansies have the ability to withstand light snows, however, don’t completely thrive in areas that sustain longer, colder snow periods. Planting pansies in the fall is best when the soil temperatures reach between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Cyclamen – Quart Size $8.88

Great cool season flowering plant that blooms throughout the winter months indoors or out. Does well in sun to part shade. Cold hardy to the mid 20’s. Cyclamen is available in many colors including red, pink, rose ,white as well as several bicolor selections. Average height 8-12 inches tall and wide.
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Garden Mums – 8″ pots $16.88

These beautiful mums (short for Chrysanthemum) as annuals as a beautiful fall accent. Garden mums will actually come back each year as a perennial in growing zones 6 to 8. They are great in window boxes and garden planters, especially as other plants begin to fade and lose color.

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Ornamental Kale – 4″ pots $1.98

Flowering Kale at Premier NurseryOrnamental kale is also an excellent complement to fall mums and pansies. They will often remain colorful until temperatures drop to 15* to 20* F. The entire plant opens up into a beautiful display of hombre colors that range from light/grey-green on the outside to fuchsia on the inside. Ornamental kale comes in purple, pink, or white with large 12-15” wide “blooms”.
Ornamental Kale


Dianthus – 4″pots $1.49

Dianthus at Premier Nursery in Fort Worth Texas
Add an amazing color show to your Fall garden with a generous helping of annual dianthus. These bright, fragrant annuals come in shades of pink, rose, white, lavender, and bi-colors. As an extra bonus, annual dianthus has blue-green foliage that adds an extra dose of color to beds, borders, and containers. Annual dianthus is a sun worshipper that grows 6 to 12 inches tall, depending on the variety.
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Snapdragons – 4″ pots $1.49

These late fall/early winter annuals are available in an assortment of colors including orange, red, white, yellow, and bi-color selections. Annual: sizes range from 8-10” tall x 12” wide. Snapdragons prefer full sun to part shade and are perfect for container gardens.
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