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Petunias in Fort Worth

Petunias in Fort Worth


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Petunias Information

Petunias (Petunia spp.) are colorfully-diverse annuals that are beautiful in almost any areas of your garden, whether along a walkway, in between crops, in containers, or in hanging planters. Petunias require full sun and thrive well in zones 9 through 11. Petunias come in many colors like blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, and multi-colored.

Since petunias have pretty shallow root systems, it’s important to keep them watered frequently. However, while they have shallow roots, they can still suffer root rot from over-watering, so beware of the yellowing of leaves. Plant your petunias in your garden after your last spring frost date and when the soil is workable.  If your petunias become leggy from the summer heat, simply prune them back for a healthy reshaping!

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