Fruit Trees for Sale in the Fort Worth Area

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Peach Trees

Elberta Peach: The Elberta Peach is one of the most popular fruit trees and most planted peach trees in North Texas. The Elberta peach makes for high-quality peaches for canning and eating. Ripens in mid-July and requires 850 chilling hours. Freestone. Deciduous.

Sentinel Peach: Excellent quality, incredibly sweet peach with deep red skin. Cold hardy and heat-tolerant. The sentinel peach is a self-fruiting fruit tree and ripens in mid-June. Requires 850 chilling hours. Semi freestone. Deciduous.

Ranger Peach: The ranger peach has large, brightly colored red skin with yellow flesh. This late-blooming fruit tree variety is good for colder areas and is a heavy producer. Ripens in early July and requires 1000 chilling hours. Freestone. Deciduous.

Harvester Peach: Red to yellow fruit with sweet flesh. The harvester peach tree is self-fruiting and good for baking or eating fresh from the tree. They ripen early to late June and require 750 chilling hours. Freestone. Deciduous.

Red Globe Peach: The red globe peach tree has large red fruit with yellow flesh. The tangy fruit is good for baking, canning, and fresh eating. This fruit tree is self-fruiting and requires 850 chilling hours. Freestone. Deciduous.

Pear Trees

Ayers Pear: Small to medium-size fruit with yellow to red-colored flesh. Excellent for fresh eating or canning. One of the highest quality pears for the home orchard. Ripens mid-August. Requires 350 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Kieffer Pear: Large yellow fruit. The flesh is crisp & juicy. Heat tolerant. Self-fruiting, plant 2 varieties for best production. Requires 350 chilling hours. Ripens in late September. Deciduous.

Moonglow Pear: Large fruit with soft and juicy flesh. Great pollinator for other varieties. Ripens from late August to September. Excellent disease resistance fruit tree. Requires 500 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Orient Pear: Dessert quality, coarse-textured, medium to large fruit. A consistent, heavy bearer that ripens from late August to September. This fruit tree is highly resistant to fire blight. Used primarily for canning and baking. Requires 500 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Apple Trees

Gala Apple: Red striped fruit with golden skin. Crisp, dense, aromatic flesh. Excellent quality that stores well.  Large, vigorous tree. Ripens late August into September. Requires at least 600 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Golden Delicious Apple: Tangy-sweet flavor with a touch of spice. One of the best pollinators for other varieties. Self-pollinating. Versatile apple for fresh eating or cooking. Ripens mid-September to early October. Requires 600 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Red Delicious Apple: Red Delicious apple is the most widely planted apple tree in North America. This medium to large-sized, oval-shaped fruit has red skin, with juicy and crisp flesh inside. It tastes sweet and mild. It’s great for fresh eating and making desserts. Requires 700-800 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Granny Smith Apple: Produces a medium to large green apple with white specks and firm, creamy white flesh. Yields ripe fruit typically between August and September. Require 400 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Mollies Delicious Apple: Mollie’s Delicious apples are medium to large, conical fruits. The skin is smooth, thin, firm, and ribbed with a yellow-green base, covered in pink-red striping with a sweet-tart acidic flavor. Ripens mid to late August. Requires 400 to 500 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Nectarine Trees

Surecrop Nectarine: Fast-growing, round-shaped tree. Produces large fruit that is golden with a red blush. High yield of tasty fruit. Plant with other nectarine varieties for best results. Ripens late June. Requires 1000 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Goldmine Nectarine: Aromatic and juicy sweet fruit with white skin.Great for fresh eating. Fruit is freestone. Ripens in late June. Requires 400 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Plum Trees

Ozark Premier Plum: Large sweet and juicy plums. Fruit is firm and excellent for cooking, canning, and fresh eating.Heat-tolerant.Semi-freestone.Ripens in August. Requires 700-800 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Methley Plum: Medium to large reddish-purple fruit with red flesh. Excellent quality. Sweet mild flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or canning. Self-pollinating. Ripens from late May to early June. Requires 250 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Morris Plum: Medium to large fruit with purple skin and red flesh. Excellent quality fruit. Morris Plum is not self-fruitful so plant with another variety for best fruit production. Ripens late June to July. Requires between 600-700 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Bruce Plum: Produces fruit with a sweet flavor. Self-fertile and early ripening. Perfect for the home garden. Ripens late June into July Requires 500 chilling hours. Deciduous.


Apricot Trees

Early Golden Apricot: Medium-sized fruit is golden yellow with rich and juicy flesh. Use for canning and for eating fresh. This Apricot Tree is self-fertile; however, production is improved by cross-pollination. Ripens from June to July and requires slightly less than 300 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Moorpark Apricot: Matures with golden skin and red highlights with tasty sweet flesh. Excellent for fresh eating. Moorpark Apricot ripens in late June to early July and requires 600-700 chilling hours. Deciduous.


Fig Trees

Celeste Fig: This small to medium-sized tree is prized for its vigorous growth. It produces small, purple-brown figs with sweet white flesh that mature and ripen in mid-June. Requires 450-500 chilling hours. Deciduous.

Texas Everbearing Fig: Medium-sized fig. It is the most common variety in Central Texas. The tree is vigorous, very large, and productive. Ripens in late June and continues to ripen into August. The fruit is nearly seedless and has a mild sweet flavor. Deciduous.