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Purple Kale

Purple Kale


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Ornamental Kale Product Description (Brassica oleracea var. acephala)

Ornamental Kale is not an actual flower, although they do rank fifth among the winter “flowers” of North Texas. These cousins to the edible varieties are very showy in and along the borders of any landscape, or as fillers in container gardens, landscape beds, window boxes, walkways, or rock gardens. Ornamental kale is also an excellent complement to fall mums and pansies. They will often remain colorful until temperatures drop to 15* to 20* F. The entire plant opens up into a beautiful display of hombre colors that range from light/grey-green on the outside to fuchsia on the inside. Ornamental kale comes in purple, pink, or white with large 12-15” wide “blooms”.

Because ornamental kale doesn’t bloom as annuals, they are a great filler in containers and pansy beds, and are cousins to the edible varieties. With their ruffled foliage in bright colors of white, pink, and purple, they provide an interesting contrast to any winter landscape. Ornamental kale is extremely cold tolerant and will continue to grow and thrive after the first frost, but still prefers to be planted in the full sun to partial shade. As the temperature drops the color intensifies and becomes more brilliant. Annual: 6-8” tall x 8-10” wide

Flowering Kale thrives best in hardiness zones between 2 and 11. Visit our plant nurseries to see our ornamental kale.

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