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Seasonal Decor

Christmas Trees

The decorated Christmas tree has always been the favorite symbol of the Season, beside the annual gift giving tradition. Christmas is about family, traditions, remembering loved ones past and present, usually centered around the family Christmas Tree. Every one loves a real Christmas Tree! The scent of

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Seasonal Decorations

  Assorted Scarecrows Birdhouse Yard Stake Cornicopia “Draft Dogder” Sitting Scarecrow Fabric Ghost Kittens in Pumpkin Scarecrow on a Pole Scarecrow on a Pole 2 Scarecrow on a Wooden Stick Scarecrow with a Pumpkin Planter Sitting Scarecrows Sitting Scarecrows 2 Sitting Scarecrows 3 Tall Jack-O-Lantern Wheel Barrow

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Fall Gourd

A gourd is a plant of the family Cucurbitaceae, or a name given to the hollow, dried shell of a fruit in the Cucurbitaceae family of plants of the genus Lagenaria. Most commonly, gourds are the product of the species Lagenaria siceraria (the calabash or African bottle

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Hay is a generic term for grass or legumes that have been cut, dried, and stored for use as animal feed, particularly for grazing animals like cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Hay can also be fed to pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits, though they consume

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The term “summer” and “winter” for squash are only based on current usage, not on actuality. “Summer” types are on the market all winter; and “winter” types are on the markets in the late summer and fall, as well as winter. Thus, the terms “summer” and “winter”

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There’s pumpkins growing out in your pumpkin patch. The focus turns from making babies (pumpkins) to ‘puttin on the pounds….lots of them. It’s so exciting to watch your little pumpkins swell into giant pumpkins right before your eyes. The speed of their growth is simply amazing. Your

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