Fall is easily one of the most comforting seasons of the year as we begin to segue from hot weather to cooler, calmer weather. During this time, leaves are falling from trees and plants are slowly beginning to retreat back into the ground to store energy in their roots for next year.

We’re also preparing for the holidays. While the foliage is beginning to change colors and fade, there is plenty that can be done in your flower garden to transform it into the perfect fall garden so that you can continue to enjoy it throughout the season.

Add Texture

Fall is the perfect time to display as much texture as you want. After all, there’s nothing tidy about leaves falling all over the ground and landscapes being riddled with color variations and textures naturally. Fall is full of organic texture, so to mimic this in your fall garden is a wonderful way to pull all the fall themes into your landscape.

In order to optimally utilize texture, include things like:


While cornucopias are the traditional way to display your fall harvest, baskets work perfectly well in the garden, especially when fall flowers are placed inside of them.


Wreaths are one of the easiest ways to utilize what you already have in a perfect, happy display of welcoming. Wreaths can be added to any garden display, from your porch to a garden arbor.

Hay Bales

Premier Nursery is proud to offer a selection of hay bales to our clients. We know that you’re looking for hay bales as another staple to your fall garden or display, and that’s why we love accommodating you!

Add Color Through Plant Variety

Another gift fall naturally gives us is the gift of color. Everywhere we look, we see a variety of colors in nature, and this is a wonderful way to transform your flower garden into a fall garden!

The best color varieties for the fall come from some of our favorite garden staples:


The best dianthus to plant for fall gardens is either the Telstar series or the Firewitch Cheddar Pinks. These two blooms sporadically in late summer and fall.



For a constant, bright addition to your fall garden, pansies are the perfect addition!

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For a plant that wears every fall color on each variegated leaf, crotons are a very traditional fall garden showcase!

Ornamental Peppers:

Ornamental peppers are pepper plants that are sown in spring, grown all summer, and then left to transform into vibrant, colorful shows of pepper.

Flowering Kale and Ornamental Cabbage:

Like the flowering kale, they’re also beautiful additions to container gardens and garden edges.




Chrysanthemums, the official birth flower of November, is a fall garden staple because of how well they thrive in the fall and early winter seasons. Chrysanthemums come in a wide array of varieties and colors, which offers many options for your landscape.


Add Decor

Premier Nursery offers a big selection of seasonal home and garden decor for the fall that will spruce up your fall garden.









Historically, scarecrows have been used in gardens during summer and fall harvests to keep pests away, which is why they’re strongly associated with the fall. However, they are a beautiful, visual aesthetic addition to your fall garden, even without the harvest!


Premier Nursery also offers a huge selection of pumpkins for your fall garden. We offer pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, specialty pumpkins, ornamental gourds, corn stalks, hay bales, and pumpkin gourds.








Outdoor lighting

Leftover Christmas lights don’t have to wait until Christmas to come out! Take your tree lights or cafe lights that you may have lying around and light them up.

Focus on the Right Spaces

If your flower garden already has perennials, then it’s only necessary to focus on how you’ll utilize or switch out your seasonal annuals. This means focusing on easy-to-transform areas like:


When you’re sprucing up your walkway or pathway, consider low-growing plants like Ornamental Kale and mums. These plants will offer a slow and inviting gradation between the walkway and the taller plants further away.

Bases of trees & Containers

Container gardens are the easiest to change out seasonally. They offer convenience and are easily changed out on a whim.

Window Boxes

Open gaps in existing gardens

Porches and step displays

Like cornucopias proudly display overflowing harvests, your porch and steps are the perfect places to display your overflowing fall display!