As the summer heat begins to wane and the crisp air of fall approaches, it’s time to prepare your garden for the changing seasons. The transition from summer to fall in the garden is not just about the changing colors of the leaves but also about ensuring the health and vitality of your plants as they prepare for the colder months ahead. At Premier Nursery, we understand the nuances of this transition and offer a wide range of plants and products to help you make this shift seamlessly.

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to getting your garden fall-ready:

1. Clean Up Your Garden Beds

Start by clearing out spent annual flowers such as marigolds, impatiens, and begonias, which have completed their life cycle by fall. Removing these flowers is crucial as it helps prevent diseases and pests that might overwinter in the garden debris.

Additionally, pruning is essential for perennials like Lantana Flowers and Penta Plants. Not only does cutting them back ensure they return with vigor in the spring, but it also aids in shaping them and controlling their spread.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that weeds can compete with your plants for essential nutrients. To address this, using specialized weed control products from Premier Nursery can ensure your plants receive all the nutrition they require without any undue competition.

2. Plant Fall-Blooming Flowers

In Fort Worth, the fall season is beautifully marked by periwinkles among the perennials. These plants stand out due to their resilience and vibrant colors, making them a favorite in many gardens. On the other hand, among the annuals, carolina jasmine and petunias offer more than just visual appeal. Their aromatic presence can significantly enhance and transform the ambiance of any garden with their pleasant scent.

3. Care for Your Shrubs and Trees 

For flowering shrubs, it’s essential to maintain a regular pruning routine. This practice aids in removing dead or diseased branches, ensuring improved air circulation and minimizing the risk of fungal diseases. Regarding trees, fall emerges as the ideal period for planting.

Given that the soil retains its warmth, it allows tree roots to establish themselves before the onset of winter’s freezing temperatures. Notably, Premier Nursery offers an impressive range of trees well-suited to Fort Worth’s climate.

4. Prepare Your Ground Cover

Applying a fresh layer of mulch serves multiple purposes in the garden. It acts like a protective blanket for plants, shielding them from drastic temperature changes. Additionally, mulch plays a pivotal role in preserving soil moisture and thwarting the growth of weeds.

On a different note, plants such as Geraniums stand out when considering ground cover options. They enhance the garden’s aesthetic appeal and play a crucial role in controlling soil erosion.

5. Show Love to Your Roses 

Roses, often called the queens of the garden, demand meticulous care. It’s vital to prune them regularly, which aids in giving them a defined shape and eliminating any dead or afflicted sections.

Moreover, providing them with appropriate fertilization during the fall equips them with the essential nutrients they need to endure the cold winter months.

6. Consider Tropical Touches

For enthusiasts drawn to summer’s vivid and exotic allure, incorporating tropical flowers into the garden can be a delightful choice. These flowers infuse a distinct charisma, ensuring your garden radiates a standout appeal.

7. Gift a Gardener

Considering gifts, Premier Nursery’s gift cards emerge as a considerate option for those passionate about gardening. These cards allow recipients to select plants or products that align perfectly with their garden’s requirements.

Additional Tips for Fall Gardening: 

Soil Testing: Fall is a great time to test your soil. This helps understand its pH and nutrient levels, ensuring you add suitable fertilizers.
Watering: Even though the temperatures are dropping, it’s essential to ensure your plants get adequate water, especially the newly planted ones.
Protection: Some delicate plants might need protection from early frosts. Consider using frost cloths or moving potted plants indoors.

With our vast experience, Premier Nursery ensures your garden thrives every season! Our expertise, combined with various plants and products, makes us the go-to nursery in Fort Worth. Our rewards program is an added incentive for garden enthusiasts, offering special discounts and benefits.