Fall Is For…

Fall is for… Fall is nearly upon us and the hot summer days are nearly over! Most homeowners don’t give much thought to landscape maintenance this time of year. But with its cooler temperatures and more frequent rainfall, fall is the ideal time to to prepare your

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Beat the Heat with Texas Sage

Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens) This summer the Texas Sage is as pretty as we’ve ever seen. Everywhere you look there are large Texas Sage shrubs with masses of purple blooms. Texas Sage is one of our most popular native plants, a medium sized shrub with several varieties to

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Whats Bugging You?

“Good Bugs or Bad Bugs”   Now that most of our spring planting is done and everything is growing and looking great. Its time to make sure we keep it that way. As the temperatures begin to climb and the rainfall decreases you may begin to notice

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Shade Trees

Need Some Shade? In the Hot Texas Summers trees become truly valuable commodities that can help keep your house cool, yard enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Shade trees are typically one of our first thoughts when designing or renewing our landscapes. The Shade Trees you select will play

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Keep Your Yard Looking Great This Summer Now that spring has come and gone its time to think about summer lawn care and maintenance. Faced with the extreme North Texas heat, mandatory water restrictions and less than average rainfall predictions. Lawn Grasses in North Texas can become

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Mulching 101

Why Mulch? Besides proper watering mulching is one of the most important things you can do for the health of newly planted and established trees and shrubs. Mulch is usually an organic material such as shredded or ground wood bark used around the soil surface to help

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No More Mosquitoes!

Got Mosquitoes? With the constant threat of Mosquito borne illnesses like West Nile Virus it’s important to do all that we can to protect our family and our selves from this virus. Up to 80 percent of all people infected with West Nile Virus will see no

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Planting Trees & Shrubs

Planting Trees & Shrubs in North Texas   Planting your trees and shrubs right can make all the difference. Following a few important tips during the planting process can assure that your plants are ready to survive the heat and thrive for years to come! Planting your

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Go Tropical North Texas

There’s nothing more breathtaking than the bright colored blooms and elegant foliage tropical plants provide through the spring and summer months. Tropical plants give us the opportunity to enjoy the exotic look of Hawaii, Mexico and other tropical regions right here in our own front or backyards.

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Mother’s Day Creations – Saturday May 11th

Mother’s Day Creations – Saturday May 11th

Attention Kids! Put together a creative planter for Mom! Please fill out the form below so we can evenly space the participants!

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