April All Stars: New Arrivals

SWEET POTATO VINE With bright green or dark purple foliage that spills out in all directions this spreading ornamental is one of the most popular accent annuals for pots or landscape beds.  This annual thrives in full sun environments and loves the hot Texas Summer heat. Sweet

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Shade Gardening

Shade Gardening

“Don’t be afraid of the Shade” Shade Gardening in North Texas doesn’t have to be hard! There are many varieties of plants to choose from that thrive in the shadier spots in and around our landscapes! You can choose from blooming annuals like Impatiens, Green Leaf Begonias

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Spring Weed Prevention Starts Now!

Early Spring Weed Control March is right around the corner and that means its time to take measure to prevent early spring weeds before they become a nuisance . The best way to keep those pesky weeds away is by using a Pre-Emergent weed control. A Pre-Emergent

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Pansies Are Tough!

“Pansies Are Tough” (Viola x witrockiana) They may not look like it with their delicate foliage and petite colorful blooms but pansies are tough. Pansies, once established, are one of the toughest annual flowers available able to survive temperatures as low as the single digits. Pansies planted in

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Late Fall Landscaping Tips

“Summer is gone bye, fall has flown bye and winter is knocking on our door” As each season arrives along with it comes a variable list of perennial task. For most die-hard gardeners, landscaping is a year round event that is truly never complete! There is almost

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Fall Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to think about Fall Pre-emergent weed control. Weeds are categorized as either broad leaf or grassy type weeds. A Pre-Emergent herbicide controls unwanted weeds and grasses by targeting the weed seed just before or immediately after the

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How to Water when it’s Hotter

The amount of water your landscape requires and the amount of water it receives will determine its overall health and beauty.  Proper watering techniques are a critical part of landscape maintenance and ultimately the key to plant survival. Plant selection is crucial; when choosing your plants, select

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Planting Fruit Trees in North Texas

Container Grown Fruit Trees   Variety selection is one of the most important steps when growing fruit Trees in North Texas.  Depending on the size of the planting site, you will need to decide how many trees you want to plant and what kind. It’s always a

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The Pumpkin Carving Tradition

Each October, ghoulishly decorated pumpkins illuminated by candlelight watch over front porches and peer through windows of many American homes. A sure sign that Halloween is near. The tradition of carving Jack O’ Lanterns originated in Ireland, where turnips, beets and potatoes were used as lanterns, made

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Color it Fall with Trees & Shrubs!

Color it “Fall” with Trees and Shrubs Fall in North Texas brings much needed cooler temperatures and a brilliant display of fall foliage in shades of deep reds, bright yellows, oranges and more. The annual color change of existing trees and shrubs in the fall is one

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