This month is the time to begin to applying any final pre-emergent weed control you want to- Planting Fescue seed lawns that are not treated with pre-emergent weed control will prevent fescue and other cool season grasses from growing.

Clean out flower beds, and prep the beds with compost, if you are planning on planting pansies you should be getting ready to do so now.

Now is also a good time to plant fall chrysanthemums (mums) or other fall color, such as dianthus, marigolds, ornamental kale and cabbage, Dusty Miller etc.

A light pruning of flowering shrubs might help to give you a final show of color before winter arrives. Use a good slow release fertilizer, fall feed or a winterizer, to help prepare your lawn for winter. This will help strengthen your lawn and give it some nutrients to store through the winter, this will help it to green up quicker in the spring.

Watch for insects during this month, fall web worms will attack your trees and shrubs, use BT to control these insects.

Continue to water as needed, if the season continues to be dry. Fertilize tree’s and shrubs to help with a good full flush in the spring.