A perennial sedge that grows from underground tubers or “nuts”. Plants are short but can grow rapidly in well irrigated areas. Stems are triangular with seed head located at the end of the stems. Compact spreading with 3-9 branches. Nut grass is one of the most invasive weeds. Its existence in crops or fields can significantly reduce production because it competes for nutrients and resources. The roots can release harmful substances to other plants so it has a bad effect on ornamental gardening. Because of its extensive root system it is very difficult to control with weed killers as well as with most plastic weed barriers. Pulling this weed is not advised. Pulling only removes the top part of the plant, giving it time to produce from the second and third nut or tuber. Herbicides only kill the top part of the plant and have no effect on the root system. For post emergent control use manage or image. Follow the directions on the product label for best results.

Manage Herbicide
A selective herbicide used for the control of nut grass or nut sedge in lawn grasses. Can be applied to commercial or residential turf, as well as airports, cemeteries, golf courses, public areas, roadsides, school grounds, Sod and turf farms and other landscaped areas. It is safe to use on Bermuda grass as well as St. Augustine.
Image Herbicide
This product is a very effective control for nut grass. It is absorbed through the root system and inhibits the enzymes required for photosynthesis. Food production is stopped and they die in a matter of weeks. Image can be used on Bermuda Grass and St. Augustine without harm to these Grasses.