January in Fort Worth might have you thinking more about hot soups than garden spades, but here’s a little secret: it’s a hidden gem of a time for planting fruit trees. While the rest of the world is bundled up, we’re in a unique spot where the mild chill is just what these soon-to-be bountiful trees crave. Step into Premier Nursery, and you’re stepping into a world where winter isn’t a pause button for gardening but a green light for growth. With roots deep in local gardening wisdom and branches stocked with the finest fruit trees that thrive in our Texan winters, we guide you from choosing the right tree to planting it in your own slice of Eden. So, let’s shake off the winter chill and get those hands dirty – it’s time to plant some future shades and treats!

Why January is Ideal | Dormant Season Magic

Think of winter as nature’s pause button. Most fruit trees are resting, which is excellent for planting. Without the workload of leaves, flowers, or fruit, they can focus solely on building a robust root system in their new home. It’s like moving into a house before you’re busy decorating it – you get the foundation just right.

Chilling Hours | The Cold That Counts

Some fruit trees play a game of freeze tag before they burst into bloom. Peaches and plums, for example, need a good dose of cold, known as chilling hours, to kickstart their fruit-producing cycle. Lucky for us, Fort Worth’s winter serves up this chill naturally. The trees need several naps in the cold to wake up fruitful and refreshed.

Soil Preparation | Premier Nursery’s Touch

Plentiful fruit trees start with great soil, and this is where Premier Nursery shines. The magic behind flourishing fruit trees at Premier Nursery isn’t just in the branches; it’s in the roots, too! Premier Nursery understands soil like a chef understands flavors. We offer an array of soil amendments, each like a specialized ingredient tailored to enrich the soil’s profile. This isn’t just about dumping fertilizer but crafting a nutrient-rich, well-draining, and perfectly balanced environment. Think of it as creating a bespoke suit – every element is customized to fit the unique needs of each fruit tree variety. From assessing the local soil conditions to adding the right mix of organic matter, minerals, and pH balancers, Premier Nursery ensures your fruit trees get royal treatment from the ground up. It’s about setting a solid, healthy foundation so your trees can grow strong, withstand the elements, and produce the juiciest fruits.

Choosing the Right Trees

Peach Trees, The Texan Sweetheart

In Texas, peach trees aren’t just trees; they symbolize resilience and sweetness. Premier Nursery’s range of peach trees is carefully selected to suit our unique winter conditions. Imagine varieties that not only survive but thrive in our cool winters, setting the stage for a burst of spring blossoms and succulent summer fruits. These trees are bred to adapt and flourish, ensuring a bountiful harvest of juicy peaches for pies, jams, or a sunny day snack.

Apple Trees, The Versatile Delight

Apple trees are like the versatile actors of the fruit tree world, able to adapt to various conditions, yet each variety has its unique flavor and texture. Premier Nursery’s collection includes those who love our regional climate. These trees can bring traditional autumn charm to your Texas garden, offering crisp, refreshing fruits every fall. Whether you’re into baking, juicing, or love a good old-fashioned apple, there’s a variety waiting for you.

Citrus Trees, A Touch of the Tropics

Citrus trees at Premier Nursery are like little bursts of sunshine. While they prefer a bit more shelter – think of a cozy corner in your garden – they reward you with vibrant fruits packed with Vitamin C. From tangy lemons to sweet oranges, these trees add a tropical flair to your Fort Worth garden. They’re perfect for those looking to add zesty flavor to their gardening adventures and kitchen creations.

Planting and Care Tips

Location is Key, The Sunny Real Estate

When planting fruit trees, think real estate: location, location, location. A spot that basks in sunshine and boasts good drainage is prime property for your trees. This sunny spot ensures they get enough light for photosynthesis and fruit production, while good drainage keeps their roots healthy and prevents waterlogging.

Planting, A Guided Journey

At Premier Nursery, planting isn’t just a task; it’s a journey. The staff are like your gardening guides, ready to offer wisdom on the best practices for planting. Whether it’s the planting depth, the spacing between trees, or the initial care, they’ve got your back. Plus, if you prefer a hands-off approach, their planting services are like a concierge for your garden – doing the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Watering Wisdom


Watering in winter is a subtle art. While your new trees need water to establish roots, overdoing it can lead to problems. Premier Nursery advises on a watering schedule that’s just right – enough to quench your trees’ thirst, but not so much that they’re swimming. It’s about finding that perfect balance to keep your trees happy and healthy through their first winter.

Premier Services

Expert Advice: Your Gardening Allies

At Premier Nursery, we’re not just selling trees but sharing a passion for gardening. Our knowledgeable staff are your allies in this green journey. We’ll help you select suitable trees for your garden, considering climate, soil, and personal preferences. Beyond selection, we’re equipped with a treasure trove of care tips, from watering schedules to pruning techniques.

Delivery and Installation: Hassle-Free Greenery

We understand life gets busy. That’s why we offer delivery and professional installation services. It’s about bringing ease and convenience to your gardening experience. Our team will ensure your new trees are planted correctly and securely, giving them the best start in their new home.

Rewards Program: More Green for Your Greens

Join our rewards program and enjoy the perks of being part of the Premier family. Members get special discounts on future purchases, making returning for all your gardening needs even more rewarding.

January is not just a time for indoor coziness; it’s a prime opportunity to start your fruit tree garden. With Premier Nursery’s expertise and quality products, you’re well-equipped to plant and nurture a beautiful orchard in your backyard.