Roses can be red, but also white, pink, yellow, blue and even the colors in between. There are many different types of roses to choose from, such as Hybrid Tea’s, Floribunda’s, Shrub Roses, Climbing Roses, Carpet Roses, and Standard Roses. See the complete line of rose bushes available at Premier Nursery.

Rose bushes require at least six to eight hours of full sunlight to bloom properly and perform well in your landscape. They should also be planted in an area that drains well, as roses like moisture but will do not like to be left in standing water! If the area you are going to plant does not drain well you might think about building a raised bed to allow the root system of your plants to drain adequately. Be sure to mix equal amounts of sand, organic compost and peat moss to fill the bed with the proper nutrients roses need.

Water your roses early in the morning once or twice a week to a depth of one to two inches but of course altering this schedule depending on rainfall and extreme temperature considerations.

For best blooming performance feed your roses now (April) through October every three to four weeks. Use a fertilizer that is specifically labeled for roses, these fertilizers will have the entire nutrient package that roses require, especially when planting in alkaline soils so common to our North Texas area.

There are many exceptional rose varieties to choose from including Knockout and Drift roses in shades of rich red, bright pinks, yellow and coral along with various other colors.

Knockout Roses: are classified as a Floribunda, they are disease and insect resistant, self cleaning, maintenance free, long blooming, shrub roses. They are available in single and double blooming, which refers to the rows of petals contained on each bloom. Knockout Roses are grown in red, pink, and sunny yellow varieties with average height at four feet high by three to four feet wide.

Drift Roses:  are classified as a Carpet Rose, or groundcover rose, they are disease resistant, winter hardy, maintenance free, and continuous blooming rose. These roses bloom spring through first frost and average one and a half foot high by two and a half foot wide

“Rose Classifications”

Hybrid Tea Roses:  These roses are available in a wide range of fragrant colors, produce large displays of single blooms and are repeat bloomers. They are a subclassification of Standard roses and are available in many different varieties such as:

John F. Kennedy

Chrysler Imperial

Mr. Lincoln


First Prize

Pink Peace

Queen Elisabeth

Chicago Peace

Double Delight

Touch Of Class

Floribunda Roses: produce large clusters of medium size blooms throughout the summer months, available in a wide range of colors, lightly scented, choose from:

Angel Face


Class Act



Climbing Roses: available in a wide range of colors, lightly scented, repeat bloomers, excellent for covering walls, fences and archways, choose from:

Don Juan

Joseph’s Coat

New Blaze

Climbing Queen Elizabeth

Shrub Roses: blooms similar to Floribunda’s and Hybrid Tea’s, will thrive in conditions that are not suited for most other roses, available in many colors, easy to care for

Carpet Roses: low growing and spreading shrub rose, available in several colors, with small bloom clusters, most varieties are repeat bloomers

Standard Roses: available in many colors and sizes, excellent in a more formal rose garden, these include Floribunda’s and Hybrid Tea’s, with blooms on long stems