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Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod Pallet

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod Pallet


Palmetto St. Augustine is the most popular lawn grass in North Texas known for its thick blades in sunny environments. It is a spreading grass that is invasive and even chokes out some weeds. St. Augustine is dormant in the winter months greening up when low temperatures are in the 50s.

  • Local delivery is available to Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area only
  • $150 local delivery (2 pallet minimum)
  • $5 Pallet fee refundable upon return
  • Prices are valid for online home delivery orders only
  • St. Augustine Palmetto Sod Pallets cover 450 square feet or 50 square yards with 165 pieces of 16″ x 24″ piece
  • Water for 15 minutes in the morning and evening until the grass is established.
  • Sun Requirements
  • There is a 2-pallet minimum. You will not be able to check out unless you have met the minimum pallet requirement.
  • ***Call the store for availability

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