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Fringe Flower

Fringe Flower


Available Variations:
Merlot Lace | Color: Pink | Size: 3 Gallon
Cabernet | Color: Pink | Size: 3 Gallon

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Chinese Fringe Flower Product Description

Chinese Fringe Flower is a relative of witch hazel and thrives in warmer climates (hardiness zones 7-10). This evergreen flowering shrub blooms in the spring and is known to sometimes re-bloom throughout the year. Chinese Fringe Flower is easy to grow, even for beginners, because of its low-maintenance growing requirements.  Fringe flowers can grow to be fifteen feet tall and up to ten feet wide. For the best color variety, fringe flowers need at least six hours of sun a day.

Because of the fringes on the blooms and the sporadic placements of the petals and leaves, fringe flowers look best when pruned minimally or left to grow into their natural shape.

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