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Red Yucca




Red Yucca Product Description

(Hesperaloe parviflora)

Are you looking to transform your garden into a vibrant desert oasis? Look no further than the stunning Red Yucca plant. With its graceful, arching leaves and breathtaking fiery red flower spikes, Red Yucca adds a touch of Southwestern charm to any landscape.

Why Choose Red Yucca?

  1. Drought Tolerant: Red Yucca is a water-wise choice for eco-conscious gardeners. It thrives in arid conditions, making it perfect for xeriscaping and water-saving landscapes.
  2. Low Maintenance: If you’re seeking a plant that doesn’t demand constant attention, Red Yucca is the answer. It’s hardy and resilient, requiring little care once established.
  3. Year-Round Beauty: The evergreen foliage of Red Yucca remains attractive throughout the year, with the added bonus of stunning, long-lasting flowers that bloom from spring through fall.
  4. Wildlife Attraction: Hummingbirds and butterflies adore Red Yucca’s nectar-rich blooms, making it a favorite for pollinator gardens.
  5. Versatile Landscaping: Whether you’re creating a desert-themed garden, accentuating a rock garden, or simply looking for an eye-catching centerpiece, Red Yucca’s versatility shines through.

Red yucca is a favorite in many commercial and residential landscapes in North Texas because it’s an evergreen and low-maintenance plant with a beautifully showy color of red. Its dark green long, thin leaves rise from the base providing an unusual look to the landscape. With tall, five-foot spikes of pink to red bell-shaped flowers that last from May through October. It is extremely tough; it tolerates drought, extreme heat, and cold; needing little or no irrigation once established. Red Yucca is not a true yucca; unlike yucca, the leaves are not spine-tipped. Red yucca is a Texas Native Plant. Grows 3-5 feet tall and 2-4 feet wide. Other names for red yucca are coral yucca, red-flowered false yucca, yellow yucca, and hummingbird yucca.

Ready to introduce the captivating Red Yucca to your landscape? At Premier Nursery, we offer a wide selection of Red Yucca plants to suit your needs. Our experts are here to assist you in making the right choice and provide valuable tips for nurturing your Red Yucca.

Elevate your outdoor space with the enchanting beauty of Red Yucca. Contact us today at our Euless or Benbrook location and let your garden blossom into a desert-inspired masterpiece!

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Red Yucca

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