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Goose Grass

A warm season grass that is usually found in high traffic areas where standard turf grass is thin- such as athletic fields and other areas of high traffic. It is also called silver crabgrass and wiregrass. It is a very heavy seeder, often as many as 15-20

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Dallis Grass

A perennial grass, light green in color, Dallis grass can be identified by its long seed heads that extend from the top of the plant. It loves wet areas with lots of heat, can be controlled with post emergent weed control by using Fertilome Bermuda Grass Weeder

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Probably the most common grassy weed in our area. Named for its upside down crablike growth habit. Typically produce 2-6 large blue to green flat leaves that form clumps and more outward from the center. The best way to control crabgrass is to keep a healthy thick

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Annual Blue Grass

A light blue colored, very fine textured grass, found in very compact soils. It is an annual that usually grows in cooler conditions during the winter, fall and early spring. Just like crabgrass, you can control this by correct mowing, fertilizing and watering as well as using

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