Moisture Stress:
The Signs of under watering and over watering can sometimes look identical. The plant will wilt in both cases: from over and under watering. When the plant is too dry it will wilt due to the lack of support gained from the required water. When the plant is over watered the plant cannot support itself because it cannot release the excess moisture quick enough causing the plant to look wilted. The damage will be totally different in each case, an over watered plant will eventually begin to turn yellow and begin to drop leaves, the remaining leaves will then begin turning dark green, become very soft and have a leathery feel to them. A plant that is to dry will do the same only the remaining leaves will begin to turn brown and become crispy or brittle. Usually at this point the plant is probably too damaged to recover. The plant is that is over watered may survive with some pruning and soil aeration. The under watered one will most likely need to be replaced.