Take All Patch- Take all patch is a disease that tends to attack St. Augustine Grass but will also affect Bermuda as well, especially during the growing season when moisture levels are high either from humidity or excess rainfall. Some of the symptoms that you will see are yellowing of the leaves and the root system will begin to look black and die. Sometimes the grass will die in circular patterns or will spread 15-20′ wide. The leaves infected with take all patch do not easily separate from the grass when you pull them apart. Most affected lawns that begin to recover are usually unsuccessful in doing so because as it begins to regrow the new growth is usually infected. High temperatures in the summer usually causes the stressed and weak plants to continue to die. When the conditions are right the fungus will multiply on the roots, rhizomes and crown of the grass and infect the plant. It can be carried from one location to another by mowers. To control it you need to watch the moisture level of your lawn as well as using chemical methods. Good drainage is a must in the control of this problem. Watering only when needed will help to maintain a take all patch free lawn. Best time to treat this is in the fall.