There’s pumpkins growing out in your pumpkin patch. The focus turns from making babies (pumpkins) to ‘puttin on the pounds….lots of them. It’s so exciting to watch your little pumpkins swell into giant pumpkins right before your eyes. The speed of their growth is simply amazing. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you have), is to fuel the growth of your fruit to produce the biggest pumpkins you’ve ever seen. In August, you also need to be diligent and guard against insects and plant disease, especially powdery mildew.

Casper Pumpkins

Loaded with beta carotene, the bright orange flesh is perfect for soups, pies, or bread. Current research indicates a diet rich in beta carotene may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer and may offer protection against heart disease. You can also put a spooky twist in Halloween fun this year with a white jack-o’lantern. This 10 to 12 pound, naturally white pumpkin is excellent for carving or painting. Pumpkins average 8 to 10 inches across and store well. Pure white, smooth skinned pumpkin, average fruits 10 lbs. Mature in 90 days. There is a great variety in shapes, colors and types of squash, making them fun to grow. Growing pumpkins can be a great project for kids. The vines need plenty of room to sprawl, although some can be supported on a trellis. Summer squash or pumpkins should be sown indoors in flats in short season areas, 3-4 weeks before the night soil temperatures have warmed up. Seedlings should be gradually hardened off. Plants prefer rich, compost enriched soil. They will cross pollinate within their species. After harvest they should be ripened for 30 days in a cool location.

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella is an ornamental novelty pumpkin. Deeply ridged, exceptionally flattened fruits weigh 25-30 lbs. Thick, sweet flesh is moist and custard like. Easy and fun to grow, pumpkins are a great way to interest kids in gardening. We carry pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! For competition pumpkins, try Big Max or Dill’s Atlantic Giant. Go tiny with Jack-Be-Little or Baby Boo. For mouth-watering pies, try the compact Spirit Bush Hybrid.

Fairytale Pumpkin

A unique eating and ornamental pumpkin, Fairytale has a deeply lobed, slightly squat shape and a magnificent mahogany brown color. A real eye-catcher in the field and at the market. Similar to Cinderella but more deeply ribbed, with a thick, strong handle. Numerous 12-18 inch fruit are borne on vigorous 10 foot vines. The flesh is deep orange and suitable for cooking and baking in pies.

Jarradale (Blue) Pumpkin

Plant produces good yields of 10 lb gray pumpkins. The blue flesh is sweet, dry, and stringless making it suitable for baking or pies. This variety will store for months.

Mini Pumpkins

A miniaturized version of the popular fall pumpkins. New varieties are sweet and nutty tasting.