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Texas Sage

Texas Sage


Available Variations:
Compact | Color: Lavender | Size: 3 Gallon
Green Cloud | Color: Lavender | Size: 3 Gallon

The native Texas plant, Texas sage, has purple to lavender blooms. It blooms in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Texas sage can be used as a hedge or in containers. Read more about Texas sage.


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Texas sage is a favorite flowering shrub of landscapers and home owners. It is drought tolerant, loves the sun, and requires little maintenance. It is an excellent plant for dusty and dry areas where other plants will not grow. It’s one of the most reliable and fool-proof low water use plants in Texas. Too much care- water, fertilizer, and trimming, can harm the plant.

Texas sage is known as the barometer plant in the southwest because when the humidity rises after a rain storm, the plant bursts into bloom. Texas sage has lavender to purple blossoms that appear off and on all year.

Pruning and shearing is not necessary because Texas sage has a very attractive natural shape.


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