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Available Variations:
Blue Point | Size: 15 Gallon
Andorra | Size: 3 Gallon
Procumbens Nana | Size: 3 Gallon

The enchanting Juniper Plant is a delightful addition to your garden that will bring both beauty and character to your outdoor space. Juniper plants are evergreen shrubs or small trees that belong to the genus Juniperus, known for their needle-like leaves and distinctive, aromatic scent. This hardy and versatile plant is a favorite among gardeners and landscapers, offering a myriad of benefits and features that make it a wonderful choice for any landscape.

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Juniper Product Information

Grown as mostly a ground cover or as edge plants, juniper is incredibly tolerant of nearly any condition. This low-maintenance shrub is also used as shaped landscape features that are commonly seen shaped into pyramids, columns, or rounded shrubbery. Junipers require full sun, yet tolerate any soil as long as there is good drainage.

Blue Point Juniper – Easily grown in hardiness zones 4 through 9, the Blue Point Juniper showcases a vibrant blue/green color on dense limbs. The natural shape of this variation is a pyramid that needs little pruning in order for it to keep its shape. The Blue Point Juniper can get to be 12 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide.

Andorra Juniper – Unlike the Blue Point Juniper, the Andorra Juniper is actually very low-growing getting to be around 1.5 feet tall and nearly 5 feet wide. That’s what makes it the perfect ground cover for garden edges or along walkways.

Procumbens Nana Juniper – Another low-growing variation of Juniper, the Procumbens Nana Juniper grows between 6 inches to 1 foot tall and nearly 6 feet wide. This variety is perfect for slopes, erosion control, or simple ground cover.

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