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Available Variations:
Dwarf Yaupon – Size: 3 Gallon
Dwarf Burford – Size 3 Gallon
Nellie R. Stevens – Size 15 Gallon
Carissa – Size 3 Gallon

The exquisite and versatile Holly bush is a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. The Holly Shrub (Ilex spp.) is a popular evergreen plant known for its glossy, deep green leaves, vibrant berries, and year-round charm. Whether you’re seeking a stunning focal point, a privacy screen, or a backdrop for your flower beds, the Holly Shrub is an excellent choice.

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Holly Product Information:

Evergreen and stunning year-round, holly bushes are known for their showy charm in bright red berries contrasted against sharp-edged leaves. Diverse in purposes, holly shrubs are wonderful edging shrubs or accent shrubs against your existing landscape.

Dwarf Yaupon – This variety can grow up to five feet tall. This dainty variety of holly grows wider than it does tall and features branches that are brittle and grow very close together. The Dwarf Yaupon Holly is known for its artistic presence in a lot of paintings.

Dwarf Burford – The Dwarf Burford Holly variety grows between 9 and 10 feet tall and is known for being able to withstand the extreme summer temperatures of the South, and can even withstand droughts. Dwarf Burford Hollies are evergreen shrubs.

Nellie R. Stevens  – The Nellie R. Stevens variety of the holly bush can grow between 15 and 25 feet and 8 to 15 feet wide. Perfect used as a barrier or hedge shrub, this large variety of holly can have an appearance of a tree if the lower branches are removed. During winter, the Nellie R. Stevens sets heavy fruit, making it a beautiful holiday display.

Carissa – This compact holly variety gets to be between 3 and 4 feet tall. Perfect when used as a low-growing hedge.

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Dwarf Yaupon 3 gal., Dwarf Burford 3 gal., Nellie R. Stevens 15 gal., Carissa 3 gal.

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