There are several advantages to mulching your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Mulching helps keep the soil cool, therefore less watering will be needed. Mulching also helps keep the weed population in check and under control, as well as helping to improve the appearance of your landscaped areas. Organic mulches are always the best way to go. They will break down over time, and work their way into your soil. This will, in time, improve the organic content. Wood mulches should not be more than 2″-3″ deep. Too much mulch can suffocate plant roots, which in turn will cause your plants to turn yellow, grow poorly, or at worst die! Mulching helps keep the soil around the plant material moist. You should always check the moisture level of all mulched areas to determine if water is needed. Heavily mulched areas will hold moisture for a longer time period. There are several types of wood mulch; pine, cedar, hardwood, and cypress. Visit your nearest Plant Shed to find out which mulch is best for your landscape.