Watch for chinch bugs and grub worms as well as brown patch.

Plant warm season veggies- okra, black eyed peas, watermelon, etc.

Make sure everything is mulched before it gets too hot. This will help conserve moisture and save on watering.

Make sure plants are being watered when needed! Do not put them on a watering schedule. This can result in over watering and/or under watering.

Plant bulbs for color- caladiums, connas, gladiolas.

Plant summer tropical color- bouganvillas, hibiscus, penta, ixora, mandevilla, crotons.

Feed and prune azaleas after they have bloomed.

Continue to keep all plant material mulched, this will help keep the soil moist and help retain water during the hot summer!

Watch for powdery mildew on crepe myrtles, treat with a fungicide listed for this problem, always follow the driections on the label.

Also watch for black spot on roses.. Use a systemic fungicide to control this.

Continue to spray for web worms and bag worms!