In north Texas our lawns primarily consist of two types of lawn grasses; St. Augustine and Common Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is mostly used in areas that receive full sun. It requires at least eight hours of full sun per day. St. Augustine requires at least three to four hours of sun to thrive and grow thick and healthy. St. Augustine can live with only moderate sun light though.

MOWING-When mowing, you should never remove more than one inch of the grass blade at a single session. Cutting the blade at shorter levels will help the blade to decompose faster in the lawn. The mower blade should be sharpened each season. A sharp blade will insure a good, clean cut as well as take less effort to mow. A dull blade will tear the leaf, instead of a clean cut. This will cause the over all appearance of the lawn to look brown. Setting the correct mower height, as well as timely mowing, will help to keep from having to bag your clippings. You should never mow when your lawn is wet. Mowing When your lawn is wet, over time, can cause your lawn to develop ruts. Alternate your mowing paths, this will help reduce ruts as well as tire marks in your lawn. Your lawn should never grow over 3″-3.5″ tall. Also, you should never cut your grass shorter than 2″-2.5″ tall. Following these simple guide lines will guarantee a beautiful and healthy lawn.