Are the most common name for the wingless insects. Fleas are external insects living off the blood of mammals and birds. It has been said that fleas actually evolved from the fly family because of the similarity of the larvae. The fleas has several species including the Cat Flea, Dog Flea, Human Flea, Northern Rat Flea, and the Oriental Rat Flea. Fleas are 1/16 to 18″ in size, usually dark in color, wingless with tube-like mouth parts, feeding on the blood of their host, with flat bodies from side to side allowing easy movement through hair and/or feathers. Their legs are long, with hind legs adapted for jumping. They can actually jump up to 7″ vertically and up to 13″ horizontally making the flea the best jumper out of all animals in comparison to their body size. Fleas lay tiny white oval eggs. Their larvae are small and pale with worm like bodies. They do not have eyes and their mouth parts have adapted to chewing but the adults diet consists of blood. The larvae are enclosed in a silk-like covered cocoon. Controlling fleas in and around the house can be very time consuming, for every one flea there are many developing in the home. Indoor treatment should be done with an indoor fogger or spray insecticide containing an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and the pupae. They are very resistant against insecticides. For outdoor treatment you can use Diatamaceous Earth Nature’s Guide by as an organic control or use Fertilome Quick Kill, Hi Yield Bug Blaster, or Hi Yield Kill-A-Bug.