It’s time to fertilize, not only your lawns, but also your trees, shrubs, and annual & perennial flowers as well. When it comes to fertilizers make sure you know what your getting! Every fertilizer has a three part blend of key macronutrients required for strong healthy plants, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). Below are some of the benefits you can expect from these nutrients.

Nitrogen (N): Promotes new growth and greens up existing foliage, will lead to strong new growth in lawns as well as fresh new foliage on trees and shrubs…

Phosphorus (P): Stimulates root development and nourishes the root system, it also aids in the production of buds and blooms on blooming plants…

Potassium (K): Protects all parts of the plant from disease, by producing a strong healthy plant that can withstand extreme temperatures, insects and drought conditions…

Tips for your North Texas lawn and landscape fertilization.

Plant Shed Premium Lawn Fertilizer is a balanced 21-7-14, containing 3% Iron (Fe) and 7% sulfur (S). Each 20-pound bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. This time release formula is excellent for use on St. Augustine or Bermuda and slowly feeds your lawn for up to 8 weeks.

Trees & Shrubs: Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food, 19-8-10, High in Nitrogen, this fertilizer will help produce strong vibrant new growth. Fertilome Tree and Shrub food is great for trees and shrubs of all types and sizes including Evergreens, flowering trees and tropicals.
When feeding your trees or shrubs there is no need to dig holes to apply. Simply sprinkle around the drip line of your tree and or shrub and water it in well. Fertilome Tree & Shrub Food contains a soil penetrate that allows the feed to move easily to the feeder roots where it is taken up and distributed throughout the plant. It’s Available in 4lb and 20lb sizes.

Annual Color and Perennials:
ColorStar 19-13-6 with bone and blood meal Is a fast acting formula, with time released nitrogen (N). Containing micronutrients and organic bone and blood meal this Nelson Plant Food product is great for bedding plants, bulbs, perennials and more. A one time feeding lasts up to 4 months. Nelson ColorStar 19-13-6 is available in 4lb, 12.5lb, and 25lbs sizes.