Chinch Bugs
-Are the most common lawn insect to cause problems during the hot summer months in north Texas. Chinch bugs love the hot, dry summer weather, therefore our lawns are the perfect meal. There are ways to deter Chinch bugs from infesting your lawn. Regular watering and maintenance will help keep them away. St. Augustine is a favorite meal for the Chinch bug, but Bermuda is not off the menu. Identifying a Chinch bug is not an easy task. They are 1/6″ – 1/5″ long, with black bodies, and white wings. They are usually found around weak, dying, yellowing turf. To make sure that Chinch bugs are in fact what you have, we can perform a test. You will need a metal coffee can with both ends cut out. Place the coffee can in an area which looks suspicious. Push the can into the ground, -you may have to use a knife to cut into the turf in order to form a good seal- once you have a good seal between the can and the turf, fill the can about half way full of water. Wait about ten minutes. Chinch bugs cannot swim and will float to the top of the water. You will want to try this in various places to get the optimal results. There are several ways to control Chinch bugs. You should contact your nearest Plant Shed for advice