Sprinkler Systems

When watering with a sprinkler system, to find out how long to run your system place several coffee cans around your lawn. Run your system until each of the cans have accumulated at least 1 inch of water. This is how long it should take. There are

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Sandy soils will require watering more often than soils that are made up of clay. In return clay soils will require watering less often. Evaluate your soil in order to properly and efficiently water all plant material.

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Trees and Shrubs

Newly planted trees and shrubs will require more water and should be watered more often than established plant material. Existing plant material should be watered at least 12″- 24″ deep. This is where the majority of the plant’s root system is located. A good, slow watering, once

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Some people think that scheduling your lawn’s watering will help save time and and the inconvenience of having to stop in the middle of a busy day or weekend to give it a drink. You should never put your lawn on a watering schedule. Your lawn should

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