We have our best selection of trees, shrubs and annual/perennial color this time of the year as well as some plant material that you wont find any other time of the season.

Plant container roses now.

Fertilize lawn with a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer or you can still use corn gluten meal as a fertilizer use post emergent herbicide to control broad leaf weeds.

Treat for ants and other pests; spray Bt or thuricide for web worms – continue to watch for pest problems.

Plant trees, shrubs, color, ground cover and perennials.

Spot treat broadleaf weeds with products listed for this type of weed. Do not use when it is windy. Pay special attention when spraying broadleaf herbicides not to get it on or around your trees, shrubs, or bedding plants. It can kill these plants or at the least damage them.