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Lantana Flowers for Sale in Fort Worth, TX

Lantana Flowers for Sale in Fort Worth, TX



Product information on Lantana (Lantana camara)

Lantana is certainly a beautiful show of perennial color that will grace your garden year after year. Although lantana are native to the tropical regions of the Americas and Africa, lantana has easily become a global favorite in many regions where plants may otherwise be hard to grow. Lantana is very tolerant of poor soil and is drought-tolerant, hence its popularity, especially in Texas!

Lantana will spread through your garden over a several-year span, making it perfect to fill empty spaces where color is needed. Lantana can reach up to 10 feet wide, while it will only usually grow to be about 6 feet tall maximum. Lantana thrives in zones 1 through 8 and requires full sun. The bloom time of lantana is fairly long, lasting from spring up to the first frost. The stems of lantana become woody as they mature; however, the stems can be cut back to the ground every year. Make sure not to cut the stems back during the dangers of frost as exposing the stems to cold may kill the plant. Other wise, a healthy pruning will ensure the plant comes back fuller and more colorful each year.

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