The decorated Christmas tree has always been the favorite symbol of the Season, beside the annual gift giving tradition. Christmas is about family, traditions, remembering loved ones past and present, usually centered around the family Christmas Tree. Every one loves a real Christmas Tree! The scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree wakes up the Christmas Spirit in all of us. We carry a wide selection of freshly cut Trees in a variety and size to fit your holiday needs. Our Christmas tree selection includes- Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Grand Fir, and Frasier Fir. All are available in natural green and flocked. We also carry an extensive line of Living Christmas Trees as well as Rosemary Topiaries, Wreaths, and Garland and don’t forget the Poinsettias!

Douglas Fir

Blue to Dark Green needles, 1/2 – 1″ long, excellent fragrance, beautifully coned shape tree.

Noble Fir

Bluish Green with 1″ long needles, short compact needles as well as branching. Excellent for decorating. Also used to make wreaths and garland.

Frasier Fir

Soft needle 1/2-1″ long, Green on top, silver underneath. Soft layered branches. Pyramid Shaped tree.

Grand Fir

Extra full tree, bell shaped tree, dark green needles 1-1 1/2″ long, produces a sweet citrus-like fragrance.



Italian Stone Pine

Young foliage is about 1″ long, looks a lot like a blue spruce, without the sharp needle of the spruce. Native to cool dry climates of Spain or Portugal, also called European Nut Pine, because of its use as a source of pine nuts.

Mondel Pine (Eldorica Pine)

Full to partial sun, zone 6-10, fast growing evergreen tree, grow up to 80′ tall and 30′ wide, low water requirements once established.

Rosemary Cone

Hardy perennial, with fragrant leaves, used as a Holiday Decoration, can be planted outside in containers or planted in the landscape. best in evenly moist soil. Zone 7-9.


The word wreath comes from the English word, writhen, which means to writhe and twist. Wreaths have been made for years by twisting or bending branches into circular form. When made from evergreen branches, the Christmas wreath represents everlasting life, with the color green representing hope and new life. Evergreen plants like holly, ivy and pine, that all stay green year round, are typically used to make holiday fruit during the winter months, are said to represent the hope of new and everlasting life. Visit your nearest Plant Shed for selection and prices!


Hanging garland as a holiday tradition in America was brought to us from Europe by the early settler, Garland was made following the fall harvest. The making and selling of Holiday Garlands brought extra income, enough to help purchase clothes, when there was nothing else to do after harvest. Materials such as spruce, pine and cedar could be found in nearby woods to produce it.