Premier Nursery’s January Landscaping Tips


It’s hard to believe its January already; even so there’s still plenty to do in the landscape. Below are some recommendations for January.

#1) Plant Shade Trees, Landscape Shrubs and Fruit Trees!

Make sure all established as well new plantings have a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around each one to help insulate and protect them from extreme temperatures.

#2) Continue to plant Colorful Pansies and Kale

You can still plant pansies and kale for color throughout the winter months. Feed pansies once a month to keep them blooming till Spring.

#3) Prune Trees, Shrubs and Rose Bushes.

Now would be a good time to remove any dead or dying limbs or branches as well as creating the desired shape of any ornamental hedges. Remember not to prune Spring Flowering Shrubs as this will decrease the quantity and quality of your spring color display.

#4) January is a great time to transplant.

If you’ve been thinking about moving a certain tree or shrub in your yard now would be the time to do it. Preparing or digging the new hole before transplanting will make this task much easier; simply move the plant from one hole to the next. Mulch as well.

#5) Water regularly!

Even during the winter your landscape need water. Especially during periods of little or no regular rainfall and/or when the temperatures are forecast to be below freezing for extended periods. Watering as little 1” every 2-3 weeks during the winter months will ensure healthy happy plants in the spring as well as help reduce “Freeze Damage”.

#6) Prepare Landscape and Garden beds.

Now is a great time to add mulch and organic compost to all landscape or planting areas. Doing this now will make spring planting a breeze.