Fall Army Worm

Fall Army Worm- Adult moths will be about 3/4 of an inch long and 1 1/2 inches wide.The Male’s front wings are gray and have odd shaped spots near the top. The female’s front wings are usually more dull than the male’s. The back wings of both

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Diamondback Moth

Diamondback Moth– Adult moths are gray and measure 1/3″ long; males have wings with rows of 3 diamond shaped spots that are yellow down the middle of their back. Their wings, although folded, flare outward and upward towards their tips. The back wings have fringe-like hairs. The

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Corn Stalk Borer

Corn Stalk Borer- The moths are gray-brown with less than a 1″ wings span. The front wings of the female are darker than those of the male. Caterpillars are thin, about 3/4 of an inch in length. They are light green with pale stripes and more prominent

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Carrot Weevils

Carrot Weevils- Tan-to-Gray adults are about 1/4″ long; larvae are white and grub like. They lay eggs on the leaves or in the crown of the plant. Several generations occur during one single season. It takes about 5 weeks to go from egg to adult. Carrot Weevils

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Cabbage Looper

Cabbage Looper– As moths they are gray to brown in color with a small lighter colored spot near the center of each wing. They have a wing span of 1 1/2″ Caterpillars have light green bodies with pale white or yellow stripes. The larvae move with the

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Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle- Adults are long and narrow with distinct body divisions. Color may be black, grey, or striped. Larvae do not damage vegetables. Adults feed on the foilage of host plants. These are chewing insects.  

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Beet Army Worm

Beet Army Worm– Adults have 4 wings that are gray to brown in color and are about 1 and 1/4″ wide. The back wings are silvery white with darker color in front. The larvae are bright green with darker lateral strips. The larvae can completely defoliate a

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