Tick is the common name that along with other mites make up the Acaring Family. Ticks by nature are external parasites like Fleas they live on the blood of their host animal, bird or reptile. Ticks are carriers of several diseases including Lyme disease. They are often

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Stink Bug

Stink Bug-are large insects that can be 3/4 of an inch long. Usually green or brown in color. They have sucking mouth parts. Their bodies can appear to have 5 sides. They will cause tomatoes to be deformed or to be distorted. Beans and peas can be

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Sharp Shooter Bug

Sharp Shooter Bug- a large 1/4 inch leaf hopper, colors vary from blue, yellow and white spots on the wings. Does not like humans- will hide from them. A large variety of plants are attacked by this insect. They suck on plant juices and hardly ever cause

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Pickle Worm

  Pickle Worm- Moths have dark brown wings with margins fading into lighter areas toward the middle, with abdominal covered hairs. Larvae are bright green with black dots. Larvae feed on blooms and vines and tunnel into the bottom side of many fruits or vegetables.

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Are the most common name for the wingless insects. Fleas are external insects living off the blood of mammals and birds. It has been said that fleas actually evolved from the fly family because of the similarity of the larvae. The fleas has several species including the

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Corn Ear Worm

Corn Ear Worm- The front wings of the corn ear worms are gray-to-brown with dark gray to green lines. The fore wings have a dark band near the top. The back wings are lighter in color with dark wavy bands. The wingspan is 1 1/2″ long. The

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Yellow Striped Army Worm

Yellow Striped Army Worm- The adult moths have a 2 inch wingspan. The back wings are bright white, outlined in a darker color. Adults look very much like the fall army worm. They have three lines on their back with an orange stripe on each side and

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Tomato Pinworm

Tomato Pinworm- Adults are gray colored moths about 1/4″ long and larvae are orange in the beginning and then they become purple to black as they mature. Larvae are about 1/4″ in size. The feeding habits of the larvae cause damage similar to that of the leafminer’s.

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Tomato Horn Worm

Tomato Horn Worm– also known as the Tobacco Horn Worm. Adults are very large, large enough to be confused as hummingbirds, with a 5″ wingspan. They are very fast flying hawk moths. Larvae are large and similar with seven diagonal stripes on the tobacco horn worm and

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Texas Leafcutting Ant

Texas Leaf cutting Ant– The leaf cutting ant is a rusty brown color and will vary in size. The queen is about 3/4 of an inch long and worker ants will range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. They colonize in well drained sandy soils. Each colony

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